Dermatologist Designed Skin Care Made Simple


About Maei MD

Inspired by the Brazilian-Portuguese word for mother, mãe, Maei MD is founded and developed by board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Rebecca Marcus. Maei MD takes inspiration from Dr. Marcus’ experiences of motherhood – the feelings of love, nurturing, and trust – and her family’s Brazilian culture, where beauty and aesthetics are a joyful celebration of life and femininity. Maei MD’s simple and straightforward approach to beauty allows everyone to look and feel their best in their own radiant and healthy skin. 

Dr. Rebecca Marcus

Dr. Rebecca Marcus is a board-certified dermatologist with nearly two decades of experience specializing in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. Her passion for skincare began at an early age when she would create homemade beauty products for her friends, searching for skincare that was both effective and uplifting. After years of study, culminating in residency training and a clinical research fellowship at Columbia University, Dr. Marcus was able to fulfill her dream of helping patients to love, appreciate and feel great in their own skin. True to her belief that skincare should make a person feel beautiful inside and out, Dr. Marcus set out to create Maei MD, a line of extremely effective and nurturing skincare products that people can understand and trust. 

Serum 6

When it comes to skincare, it's
formulation for the win! Serum 6 is a
science-backed, all-in-one-superstar
product formulated with only the most
essential ingredients in their ideal
proportions and concentrations, to bring
out your skin's natural luminous glow.

Maei MD blends medical-grade super actives and power-packed plant extracts to reveal healthy, youthful skin.

Dermatologist-designed skincare made simple.